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Loncani Beauty was created to help you find all beauty and healthiness services, anywhere and anytime. The platform has over 70 categories that regroup freelancers and workers in the beauty and healthiness industry. Our providers are using the platform to manage their business and to offer you a new way to handle appointments and communication.


How Loncani Works

In general, beauty treatments are perceived as luxury and requires a lot of time scheduling. This is about to change! We want to make it easier for everyone to access numerous beauty services and find the right service at the right time! No more need to spend countless hours searching and calling. With a few clicks, your appointment will be booked with your provider.


Find provider

Create a free account and use the search bar to find the desired service and your location.


Book your appointment

Choose the service you want, book your appointment with your provider, pay for your services online and your next beauty session will be confirmed by email.


Get free beauty services

Earn points and redeem them for free services with our fabulous loyalty program.

Why Use Loncani beauty as a customer?

Beauty Anytime, Anywhere

Saves You Time

Loncani Beauty gives you a smarter way to handle booking,  allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

Get access to all Services

You will have access to a bank of freelancer,  self-employed, health, beauty and wellness businesses. With many choice and price offers, you will find the one that suits your needs and schedule!

Access everywhere at anytime

Open 24h and 7/7 online. You can access from any devices, anywhere in Canada. International access feature and mobile App are coming soon.

Easy Four Steps Booking

1-Choose your Location, 2-Choose service, 3-Choose date, time and staff member, 4-Pay online and your appointment will be confirmed by the system.

Easy to Get Service at Home

Receive services from the comfort of your own home when you choose this option during the booking process.

Seamless Communication

Before booking, you can reach your provider or ask for a quote using the private message system.

Cashback and Points

You can earn points when you take some actions on the site as booking, leaving a comment, signing up, logging in and referring a friend, Then, use your loyalty points as a payment method for any transaction on the site!

Job Listings

Do you want to hire a beauty provider for a special event?. Create a job and describe your needs. This will help determine which provider are best for your job.

Shop Or Make Money

On Loncani Shop Marketplace, you can shop for beauty products like makeup, hair dryer, or straightener, or even sell your own products or lines of products

15 Beauty providers are ready to serve you on Loncani Beauty, so what are you waiting for?
There are a thousand reasons to join us. Loncani Beauty helps you live smarter! Join us to grow the community